Monday, November 2, 2009


Welcome to my blog.

This is one of my blog.
I own two blog which is Disfrute de los Creativos & Mi Querda Amiga.

I named this two blog by Spanish language.
Personally likes Spanish Language very much.
Why? Because it is like a art language for me.
A very nice language to perform.

Meaning of Blog:
Mi Querda Amiga = My dearest Friend
Disfrute de los Creativos = Enjoyment of Creative

Currently i serve the Mi Querda Amiga blog for my Computer Graphic 2 artwork.
The Disfrute de los Creativos serve for my Creative Studies homework.

I'll share my artwork in the blog to all my dearest friend.
Perhaps my friend enjoy the work i have share.

Mi Querda Amiga will share more on the how i produce my artwork.
Disfrute de los Creativos will share on the story of my artwork.

All again. Enjoy~~Thank You.

(ps: If there's space for improvement, kindly leave a comment for me.
Appreciate very much.
Thank you.)


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