Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sorry Mom & Dad

Dear Mom & Dad,

If i got PTPTN loan, i'll pay my own tuition fees.
If i got PTPTN loan, i can have a relax life, which no need to urge for part time job.
If i got PTPTN loan, i can buy some stuff that i love and like...(psst: camera>.<)
If i got PTPTN loan, Mom & Dad will not worry for my tuition fees, they less 1 big heavy burden. ..... .... .. .

Mommy & Daddy....

I'm sorry that I cant keep my promise & words, which no need yr financial support for my tuition fees.

Mommy & Daddy.......
I waited the loan from time to time, from the first semester till now (third) semester....
My patient could not not defeat the fate.
My wish is wiped off....

I know Daddy & Mommy is old enough, it is time to enjoy life.
But not keep work hard for our expenses.

Although PTPTN is not my fate....
I'll work hard for scholarship application.
++ i will get some part time job when i free.

Perhaps i can get scholarship.

Thank you Daddy & Mommy.
I love you.

Ah Girl


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